Membership Application

Print this page (or this MembershipApplication PDF file)  then send it along with a check made payable to MEADVILLE SPORTSMANS CLUB and send it to the name and address listed at the bottom of the application.  Please include a stamped self addressed envelope to allow a quick return of your membership card.


Meadville Sportsman’s Club

Membership Application

Circle :     New Member       Renewal

Date of Application _______________________

Circle: Single ($25) or Family Membership ($25) or Sanctioned School Program ($5)



Name ______________________________

Date of Birth ____________________________



City ____________________________ State ________  Zip ________________


Phone (              )_______________________

Email ______________________________________________________________

Interests: (circle all that apply)

Trap     Skeet     Pistol     Archery     Small Bore     Youth Education

Other _____________________________________________________________


Mail to:

Meadville Sportsmans Club

P.O. Box 637

Meadville, PA 16335

2 thoughts on “Membership Application”

  1. Good afternoon,
    To whom this may concern:

    Myself (Ambria Diaz) and Joshua Henry submitted two applications for a family membership at the beginning of July. I printed off and mailed both to Larry Price using the Saegertown address but put c/o Meadville Sportsman Club. I now see the PO box address so that may be my error. I didn’t receive a return to sender in the mail nor has the check dated on 7/1 been cashed. Would you be so kind to provide a time frame to expect club approval or advise if in should void the check and resubmit the apps to the PO box address?

    Best regards,
    Ambria “Bree” Diaz

    1. Ambria.
      If the application wasn’t turned in by the monthly meeting it would not be voted on. I will check with the secretary and with Larry Price to see what is going on.
      Thanks Sam Marks.

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