Results – 2019 Quinn Insurance 200

The 2019 version of the Quinn Insurance 200 saw the morning rains quit about 30 minutes before the first squads took to the fields.  Though still cloudy, the clouds kept the temperatures comfortable compared to the two or three previous days which were brutally hot.  The afternoon brought clear skies and allowing the heat to return.

In the first event, the East, Ernie Avolio ran 100 to take gun champ.  Josh Crofutt took AA1 with his 98 while Dale Snow snagged AA2 shooting a 96.  Bob Leali shot another 96 to take A1 while Paul Augustin’s 95 gave him A2.  B1 went to Scott Holman who broke 97 edging Dan Rogowski by 1, giving Dan B2.  C1 went to Jeff Riddle with a 95 withJason Mohr getting C2 with his 94.  Robert Waite took D1 shooting a 93 while Mike Rykaczewski Sr got D2 with his 89.  Bud Proctor’s 87 gave him E1.  Rarely does an event conclude with no shoot-offs required, but such was the case here.

Ernie Avolio in action

The second event of the day, the West, saw Mike Rykaczewski Jr take gun champ with a solid 99 in the heat of the afternoon.  AA1 went to Josh Crofutt with his nice 97.  Bob Leali again struck “gold” by taking A1 shooting a 96.  More 96’s in B class saw Dan Rogowski and Dave Heheman solve the issue in a quick one station shoot-off, with Dan coming out on top.  C1 went to Jeff Riddle who broke 95 while D class went to Robert Waite who had a 92.  Bud Proctor took E1 with his second 87 of the day.

Mike Rykaczewski Jr in high 8 action

HOA champ honors went to Ernie Avolio whose 196 total edged Josh Crofutt by 1, giving Josh runner-up.

Shoot sponsor Jeff Quinn presenting Ernie Avolio East champ & HOA trophies
Jeff Quinn presents Josh Crofutt with his West champ trophy

Our club is very lucky to have Jeff Quinn sponsor our July shoot.  Please be sure to thank Jeff when you see him and visit him to discuss your insurance or financial services needs.  Tell your friends too of Jeff’s sponsorship and his devotion to the shooting sports!

Thanks to all the members who spent their time and effort to put on our shoot.  Sam Marks Jr for his doing registration, scoring, and refereeing.  Referees Sam Marks Sr, Larry Price, and Keith Snow.   Thanks too to Mark Johnson for filling and adjusting traps when required. Chris Marks put on the lunchtime spread and we thank her very much.

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